Greetings From Mile 750!

Hey all–

I’m in scenic Buchanan, VA, (pop. 1,171)  a day’s hike north of Daleville, VA, (pop. 2,557), and it’s freaking gorgeous here.

The last 3 days I had the huge honor and privilege of backpacking with my Dad and my Bro, which was a great time. We laughed, told stories, made fire, ate food, Dad and Phil napped outside of a Kroger while I re-supplied a week’s worth of food, and everyone marveled at the beautiful views we passed. We hiked up McAfee Knob, which has easily the most amazing views of the trip so far, and we saw Tinker Cliffs, which was equally amazing.

The weather, after being quite rainy for the past few weeks, has been excellent as of late.

And about a week ago I got to meet up with Mom for dinner in Bland, VA, which lived up to it’s name. There are only 3 restaurants in Bland, none of which are separate from a gas station. We drove to some other town for dinner. It was excellent to get something not cooked on a camping stove!

I have had so many adventures since the last time I posted, it’s hard to describe them all: Wild ponies in Grayson Highlands State Park, beer at Trent’s Grocery, organic food and yoga and meditation and chasing chickens at Wood’s Hole Hostel, great conversations with people in the woods who go by the name “Soul Flute”, my first time hitch-hiking, staying in a guy’s front yard who calls himself “The Captain” and gives free soda to hikers, seeing a geological structure called “God’s Thumbprint” from up on the ridge-line, great times with numerous hiker friends, and so much more. There is almost too much adventure to put into words.

So, I’m going to try pictures.


2 thoughts on “Greetings From Mile 750!

  1. Susan

    Mikey! Andrew and I just went to Merritt’s for a BLT lunch and we were talking about you. Looking good, buddy! I think your hair is actually more impressive (and puffy) than your beard. Stay well!

  2. Carlton McKee

    Nigel, keep on hiking! 449 just got back from a stroll across Massachusetts, and we told some southbounders to be on the lookout for you.


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