I’m starting!

After a whirlwind few days of moving and packing and setting affairs in order, I’m about to start hiking!

I’m taping this out on my phone as I sit in a hotel room in Georgia less than a  hour from the trail. Today, dad drops me off, and I will have 16 miles to go before I get to the shelter where I will be sleeping tonight.

I’m exited, nervous, anxious to get started, and so happy that months of planning and thinking about this are finally coming to fruition!

My pack weight is pretty good considering I have 3L of water and 5 days of food with me. It’s 34 pounds, which is way less than what I have carried in the past. And if I’m going to have the speed that I want to have, I’ll need to be constantly trimming that by finding ways to manage with less.

Any, I start today! Hooray! More updates as I can find wifi or internet.


This is a pic of dad and flip goofing off while going through gear.


And this was a picture I took while worrying endlessly about my gear. I must have gone through my final checklist about 10 times!

Alright, its off on the trail! Click the “follow” link in the bottom right corner to get an email update every time I post!


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