I’m going to do this thing in 100 days

Looking at the time that I have, I’ve decided to try and do thing thing in 100 days.

This means two very important things:

1) I am going to have to go freakishly light. Weight is going to be a primary concern for every single decision I make. That’s already the way things were heading, with my stove choices and my decision to use the hammock-tent. I also bought a therma-lite z-rest short, which is the lightest most minimal sleeping pad that I can take. My sleeping bag is also on the light side of things. I will be shooting for a total pack weight of less than 30lbs, and that’s fully loaded with food and water.

2) I will have to limit my zero days. This will save me time and money. It will not be fun, however. I will miss out on a lot of the camaraderie of the trail, and will probably have to skip some of the “must see” things that everyone talks about. But, for me, it’s totally worth it to be able to hike the Appalachian trail. I revel in the physical challenges that will come with having to average over 20 miles a day, and I love the idea of pushing the limits of what my body can take.

Today I found this article, confirming my thoughts that it’s possible for a young, fit guy like me to be able to do the whole thing in 100 days.


2 thoughts on “I’m going to do this thing in 100 days

  1. andrewskurka

    Yes, doing the AT in less than 100 days is entirely reasonable. However:

    1. Don’t go “stupid light.” http://andrewskurka.com/2012/stupid-light-not-always-right-or-better/. This can cost you a good night’s rest and lost hours if you need to hole up while the conditions improve.

    2. It sounds like you already are, but don’t wait until you get out there to define your goal. To do it in 100 days or less will require a commitment from you, and part of that commitment will be bypassing other aspects of the AT experience, and making *moving* your most important task everyday.

    1. Michael Goodling Post author

      Thanks for the reply, and the great articles you write! I will surely not go “stupid light”.

      Most of my backpacking experience is with a more traditional, heavy philosophy (pack-weights of 35+, taking way more than necessary). So I plan on making a few trips to figure out this new, lighter gear configuration that I’m working towards.

      Thanks again for the advice and all the great articles!


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