Journaling and Fire-starters

So, hopefully, the best use of the journal I bought today for $9.99 will not be burning it.

I’m seriously lacking some kinda creative outlets in my life (see also, bored), so I’m hoping that writing and blogging for my own sanity and “personal development” will be of use. What use, and to whom, is anyone’s guess.

Also, today I made some fire-starters. I had absentmindedly been collecting everything needed to make these fire-starters for some time, and the day had finally come to put it all together. Now I hope my roommates will stop judging me for collecting all of the dryer lint.

Michael’s Fire Starters:

Ingredients- 1-2 months of dyer lint, 1 cardboard egg carton, unscented wax candle.

Pack dryer lint in each of the slots for the eggs, drip wax on top from candle and enjoy, for a while, the time in your life when you all you have to worry about is not burning yourself with hot wax.

Yeesh. Working only 20 hours a week is rotting my brain from the inside. And this week it was even less than that. It’s exam time here in beautiful Chapel Hill, which means fewer students come in to Campus Health where I work. But more on my work later.

Right now, I’m going to journal or something. Or read. I’m halfway through Catch-22 right now, which is totes hilar.


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